Our expertise

Our ambition is to supply tools to our customers simple, safe and endowed with the only functions necessary to serve their needs. This ambition requires to be always force for technical proposal in our projects.


Our values

To know a company without knowing its values and its assets is a dangerous situation for a customer. Our main value is to have employees having a purpose in their life. This shared common purpose is perfectly summarized in the following quote:

“It is necessary to be careful not to preach to the young people the ordinary successes as main purpose of the life. The most rewarding reason for working, at the school or in life, is in the pleasure which we find there, in the pleasure of the reached result and in the knowledge of the value of this profit for the community.”
Albert Einstein 1879-1955


Our expertise

Our value chain is equally divided between the four departments of the company, Engineering R&D, Design and Calculations, Manufacturing, Assembly and Commissioning.

  • A project manager is appointed for every project. He insures the follow-up from the commercial phase to the commissioning phase.
  • Our choices of concepts lean on more than sixty years of experience in special machines for highly varied business sectors.
  • All the designs are realized by non-specialized engineers or mechanics technicians.
  • All the main parts of the projects are manufactured in our workshop. The recourse to the subcontracting is limited to secondary parts.
  • The assembly of equipments is realized within the company by experimented technicians who will be then in charge of the commissioning.


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